TU Aerosol - Mahogany
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TU Aerosol - Mahogany

A great tool for color matching and blending, toners are used for all types of touch-up repairs. Toners are a nitrocellulose lacquer base with finely ground, top quality, non-fading pigments and/or dyes added for a lasting color repairs. The aerosol toners feature a specially designed spray valve for fine atomization, and are available in over 24 standard colors.

Adapts to various methods of touch-up including: blending and evening colors, spot repairs, quick efficient evening and blending of colors, darkening white edges and correcting flaws in your finish without the fear of an over-spray line. Designed to be used on top of a clear finish, not raw or stained wood and a clear top coat may be used for maximum durability and sheen adjustment. Each can comes with a round spray tip.
TU Aerosol - Mahogany

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