Aerosol - Precat. Satin
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Aerosol - Precat. Satin

Virtually invisible spot repairs our Spot Repair Clear Aerosols are a remarkable low solids formula created to adjust sheen without replacing the finish build. With this product , you don't have to spray the entire top or side of a piece of furniture to get the sheen adjusted to hide your repair. Unique formula allows it to dry without leaving edges from overspray or halos. An absolute must for spot repairs...our best selling aerosol product! High build and excellent flow-out for small finishing jobs our traditional high build lacquer aerosol products are a proven and reliable standard. Available in a great selection of sheens and black or white pigmented colors. Our most durable finish for small finishing jobs where tough, high-build finish is required. Our Precatalyzed Lacquer Aerosol products have been tested and approved for in-factory or shop touchup on catalyzed lacquer finishes.
Aerosol - Precat. Satin

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