Kremlin SFlow Gun
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Kremlin SFlow Gun

The SFlow™ Airless Manual gun delivers real material savings for industrial applications with a transfer efficiency of 81%. Its reliable and solid construction combined with a comfortable grip and fatigue-free trigger makes finishing so easy even under the toughest conditions. SFlow Airless Manual spray gun optimizes efficiency and delivers great comfort to the finisher. The SFlow gun equipped with the SKILL™ Airless Tip will allow our EOS Kremlin pump systems to spray airless! Simply attach the SFlow™ gun, with the SKILL™ Airless Tip, to an EOS Kremlin Pump and close the air regulator. • Reliable and robust construction • Comfortable grip and fatigue-free trigger • Low and easy maintenance with embedded tool • Large filtration surface and material flow from inside to outside PLEASE NOTE THE SKILL™ AIRLESS TIP (AK000-300-911) MUST BE ORDERED SEPERATELY. THE SFlow™ GUN DOES NOT INCLUDE A TIP.

Kremlin SFlow Gun

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