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Custom Colors


Accurate Stain and Color Matches or it’s FREE!

Wood Finishers Depot offers a huge selection of products that can be custom tinted to your specific color request. We deliver accurate color and are so confident in our abilities that we provide our ‘Accurate Color or it’s FREE’ guarantee! The checklist below explains our guarantee in detail and briefly shows you the extremes that we go to provide accurate color every time. Nobody in our industry does more!


Wood Finishers Depot takes color and color technology seriously and we utilize three state of the art technologies to assist in delivering accurate colors.

We utilize the X-Rite Designer Plus software and hardware system to match and duplicate solid colors from over 40 nationally recognized brand fan decks. The Color Designer database records each color by customer name to ensure consistent quality every time. The Color Designer plus features a spectrophotometer color eye to assist in color corrections and to read target colors into our computer system.

We proudly use the X-Pert software and auto dispensing system to formulate color formulas as well as producing small batch colors accurately. The patented X-Pert system can dispense colorants and product bases manually or automatically by weight to a tenth of a gram! The X-Pert system not only ensures formula accuracy and consistency it is licensed and used exclusively by Axalta Wood distributors and manufacturers.

Our color and manufacturing labs use the X-Rite iQC software and hardware systems to store digital color standards of our LC production color standards. These digital standards allow us to check color accuracy batch to batch. Additionally a Color Certification can be requested on some formulas that show the Delta E readings, and pass or fail certification of every pail of color in the batch that is delivered to you.


Wood Finishers Depot goes through numerous steps to assure quality and provide consistent delivery of your colors - every time! Below are just a few highlights of our commitment to delivering accurate color.

No Name Games

Color names can be misleading; the same name can often be used by customers across a wide range of colors. For this reason we assign your colors a unique formula number or the fan deck number. WFD also takes the time to apply three formula number labels to each container, lid, face and bottom. Triple labeling each pail is a quality assurance step that allows you to always find a formula number when you reorder a color. No more worry about lids being on the wrong containers or pouring over labels on faces and losing those critical formula numbers!

Solid Color Certification

In certain situations our iQC Quality Control software can provide you a Certificate of Quality Assurance. These QA certificates show the color quality control details of the color batch as compared to the digital master standard that you originally approved. Our Quality Assurance software provides confidence that your solid colors are being delivered consistently every time you reorder a solid color batch.

Light Boxes

Color is radically affected by the final light that it is viewed in. For this reason we have the ability to view our colors in a Pantone Light Box that can simulate outside light, interior fluorescent light and interior standard lighting. This is the reason we ask what light will be used to evaluate the final color match when submitting a color match project.

Stain Jobs

One container on your stain order will have a maple Receiving Block attached in a clear envelope. One half of the Receiving Block shows the stain from the batch being delivered, the other half shows the original approved stain from the original wet retain that WFD keeps on file.

How Our Process Delivers Accurate Color

Because there are many variables to providing accurate color - and our TEAM can only control some - we rely on our customers to do their part as well.

Check #1

IMMEDIATELY quality check colors upon delivery - don’t wait until you begin the job to discover an issue. If you have any concerns about color - we want to know immediately so that we can react to support your needs. Before a color is applied we have many options. WFD will work - or rework - your color until it meets yours or your Customer’s requirements. No questions asked!

Check #2

BEFORE applying the color to your job, be certain to apply your approved color batch to a small job block and approve the color again utilizing your application techniques, equipment and shop environment. Not only are Job Blocks an industry best practice they can save your business hours of costly redo work and lost product. WFD realizes that shop variables can affect final color - we will assist you in any way possible to achieve an acceptable color match for your customer.

Check #3

DURING application of your color you should routinely check applied color against your master color standard. WFD realizes that shop applications can affect final color - we will assist you in any way possible to achieve an acceptable color match for your customer.

Check #4

BEFORE delivering any job or project always perform a final quality control color check against your Master Color Control. Keep in mind that once you apply color to an entire job, WFD has little to no options to help you with color adjustment. However if you have followed Checks #1-#3 your color should be consistent and within specifications.

Best Practices (how you can help)

Intermix Containers

When using color from a variety of containers always intermix or ‘box’ the containers to ensure consistent color on the project.

Pressure Matters

Applying color with inconsistent pressures or other gun settings can affect color - always be consistent! Every variable that you can control will improve the consistency of your color.

Sanding is Important

The grit, the sanding progression and the time of sanding before application can all affect color - especially stain colors. Develop your process, follow it when you receive and check the color on your Receiving and Job Blocks and of course on your project too.

Shake or Stir

Many color issues are a result of improper stirring before testing and applying color. Always agitate the color batch thoroughly before testing and during application! A quick stir with a paddle is often NOT enough - a mechanical shaker or stirring paddle should be used. Remember if you begin with a color not properly agitated you may have a color that is not accurate, and that will continue to change as you use the container.

Our Guarantee to You

Wood Finishers Depot guarantees accurate color or it’s free as long as you do your part. By following industry best practices we can work together to help make your color projects successful. Our guarantee provides that WFD will adjust, or even replace at our discretion, colors that you deem inaccurate up to the point prior to application of color to the project. If we cannot successfully provide an accurate match for your project you pay nothing and your color match is free. Past the point of application of color you solely accept responsibility for color accuracy and understand that Wood Finishers Depot will absolutely not be responsible for labor or any product costs associated to color from application issues or otherwise.

Need more help?

Wood Finishers Depot has an experienced staff that can help you design a quality control program to implement consistent industry best practices to help keep your business successful. Do not forget to request your copy of Six Steps to Consistent Color publication.