17 - AutoNet Mesh Disk - 50/Pk 320 Grit
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5 - AutoNet Mesh Disk - 50/Pk 320 Grit

Autonet Disks - AE Series
Lasts up to 5X longer than traditional sanding disks!

Autonet is the fast, efficient and cost effective abrasive technology that revolutionizes the sanding process! No matter if your sanding wood shutters, wood cabinets or any type of wood part Autonet will sand longer and provide a cleaner environment if vacuum sanding! We participated in numerous case studies with customers and they have all received from three to even ten times the sanding life of the Autonet disks versus any other paper backed hole paper. If you want to save time and money in your sanding operation try Autonet - It?s fantastic!
5 - AutoNet Mesh Disk - 50/Pk 320 Grit

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