ILVA Acryclic Urethane 25 Sh - Gallon
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ILVA Acryclic Urethane 25 Sh - Gallon

ILVA Acrylic Urethane

ILVA Acrylic Urethanes are characterized by high chemical resistance and provide extremely durable finishes. ILVA Acrylic Urethanes are an acrylic modified version of the polyurethane systems to provide the best non-yellowing characteristics and work well as topcoats without changing the color of products top coated. Typically applied by conventional spray and do well when applied with our Kremlin Spraying systems.

Ready and Easy to Use:
• Premium durability
• Fast drying
• Easy to apply

Perfect For:
Furniture, cabinet doors, chairs, architectural millwork, boats, aircraft interiors, musical instruments, frames
and other types of furnishing accessories.

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ILVA Acryclic Urethane 25 Sh - Gallon

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