NGR Stain - Green - Quarts
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NGR Stain - Green - Quarts

Super Penetrating NGR Stains are specifically formulated to provide the ultimate transparency in a versatile color selection. Specifically formulated to be utilized in a variety of applications, including as a foundation color for dark transparent colors, as a spray on stain and as a dye for tinting lacquer or sealer.  This product is designed to be spray applied with no wiping. NGR Dye Stain may be applied by hand, but is not recommended. NGR Dye Stain is designed to penetrate the wood substrate and does not allow wiping back of color.

Because of the quick dry time of these stains, professional spray equipment is recommended, but hand application is possible.
However, conventional spray should provide the most control and thus optimum results.  When adding as a tint, it is not recommended to exceed 2-3oz of dye per quart of ready to spray lacquers.  Note: Be sure to follow all lacquer manufacturer suggestions on mix ratios.

• Excellent Penetration
• Superor Transparency and Clarity
• Fast Drying Spray Stain
• May be Added To Many Clear Finish Products
• Ready To Use Formulas

Material Preparation
Super Penetrating NGR Stain may be used as packaged. Mix thoroughly before and during use.

Dry Time
One to two minutes, recoating with a clear sanding sealer is immediate. Allow 10-20 minutes drying time when re-staining with an Oil Wipe Stain or when using a filler over this stain. (relative humidity and temperature will effect dry time).

Clean Up
Use LT300 Lacquer Thinner to clean all equipment. Dispose of dirty solvent and cleaning rags in a safe and approved manner.
Solvent or stain soaked rags should be stored in water-filled, closed containers prior to disposal. Dispose of in accordance with
Federal, State, and Local regulation regarding pollution.

Shelf Life
12 months if unopened and stored in a cool dry area. 

•one gallon •quarts

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NGR Stain - Green - Quarts

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