Sanding Mask W/ Respirator
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Sanding Mask W/ Respirator - Valve ( Disposable) - Box 20 Masks

Sanding, Drywall, Fiberglass Respirator exhalation valve makes exhalation easier and reduces moisture and heat to improve wearer comfort. NIOSH Approved N95 respirator. Recommended for sanding wood, plastic, metal, cutting concrete and bricks, installing fiberglass, sanding drywall. Read and comply with all instructions and warnings before using.

*Due to the COVID pandemic a few items have become volatile due to market demand. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), alcohol-based solvents and acetone are being adversely affected. We have established a Product Watchlist to better manage these affected items.  
Product Watchlist items are not being back ordered when unavailable and pricing will be confirmed via sales order confirmations each time you order. 
We apologize for this inconvenience and are hopeful that these items will normalize soon.  We will continue to do everything in our power to manage availability and keep you informed when placing orders.

Sanding Mask W/ Respirator - Valve ( Disposable) - Box 20 Masks

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