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Ordering information

Ordering Information and Questions

Do you make deliveries or ship orders? YES

We make deliveries to numerous locations in Texas. To receive delivery service you must be in a scheduled delivery zone and meet the minimum delivery order.

In the greater Houston area we deliver to qualified businesses each business day. Minimum order & delivery charges apply to all deliveries. Please contact our sales office at 281.421.0765 for additional information.

We also ship orders by UPS, USPS and truck lines on a daily basis.

How do I return and item?

Returning an item to Wood Finishers Depot is easy. Simply contact our Customer Service Department by e-mail, fax or phone and we'll be happy to assist you with returns or any questions you may have.

E-mail: orders@wfdepot.com Phone: 281-421-0765 Fax: 281-421-2179

What is a call tag?

UPS Call Tag Service provides pickup and prompt return of a package previously delivered by UPS within the 48 contiguous states. When a business is issued a Call Tag, UPS picks up the return package at the customer's location and returns it via UPS Ground.