320 Grit - Pk/50
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CaratFlex 9X11 Sheets 320 Grit - Pk/50

Carat Flex is a sterated coated abrasive product suitable for dry sanding applications such as scuff sanding sealers and top coats.

Silicone carbide grain provides a sharp cut with a uniform scratch pattern. Carat Flex has been developed especially for hand sanding of sealers and other wood finishes.

Backing is a flexible, latex impregnated paper which is ideal for profile sanding. Coating does not release from paper due to extremely good resin bonding. A special sterate coating is used to maximize resistance to clogging and loading.

Great for finish sanding!

Sanding raw wood?  We recomend ProFlex Gold sheets.

CaratFlex 9X11 Sheets 320 Grit - Pk/50

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